Corporate Law

Foundation, growth, succession or reorganisation of a company: corporate law advice from a single source

Corporate and capital markets law are a focus of PwC Legal’s advisory services. In close cooperation with our colleagues in the global PwC Legal network and our tax colleagues at PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, we not only answer the question of the appropriate legal form, but also support companies in all structural decisions relating to corporate and capital market law.

The legally compliant positioning of a company can quickly become a challenge, especially with regard to issues that need to be assessed across borders. From the establishment of a company, the support and preparation of general meetings and shareholders’ meetings, to the transformation of the company or the reorganisation of corporations or groups of companies, our team of experienced lawyers offers comprehensive legal advice on all topics of national and international corporate and capital market law.

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Christine Kaniak-Hockel, LL.M. (Waikato)

Local Partner Munich

Dr. Thomas Wenninger, LL.M. (GWU)

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Corporate law

Our corporate law practice focuses on national and cross-border corporate and capital market law advice for listed stock corporations, as well as corporate law advice for medium-sized companies and family-run partnerships and corporations. Another focus of our corporate law practice is the implementation of complex reorganisation and restructuring efforts, as well as the preparation and implementation of general meetings and shareholders’ meetings, or an expert opinion on complex corporate law issues in matters of directors’ liability.

This is how PwC Legal supports you

Our lawyers advise you on:

  • The choice of legal form and the formation of companies of any legal form (AG, SE, GmbH, KGaA, KG, GmbH & Co. KG, oHG, GbR, etc.)
  • Memoranda of association, articles of association, rules of procedure, syndicate, voting agreement, group or joint venture agreements, as well as inter-company agreements within the meaning of Section 291 German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)
  • The conception of acquisition structures for investors, taking into account national and international corporate law forms
  • Corporate, group and capital market law issues relating to companies of all legal forms, shareholders, executive bodies and members of executive bodies
  • Questions on transformation law (merger, spin-off, demerger, split-up and change of legal form – on the basis of German transformation law and taking into account cross-border situations)
  • Questions on corporate co-determination
  • Issues relating to capital measures of all kinds, in particular, the issue of bonds and shares
  • Legal issues relating to IPOs, delistings and squeeze-outs under conversion or stock corporation law
  • Legal planning, and the provision of guidance in relation to shareholders’ meetings and general meetings
  • Capital market law issues, including corporate governance
  • Ad-hoc publicity, prohibition of insider trading and other obligations under capital market law
  • Shareholder disputes and litigation
  • The conception and implementation of corporate compliance measures

Reorganisation and Restructuring

Companies, groups of companies and corporations are subject to constant adjustment vis-a-vis changing circumstances due to shifting economic or social circumstances, or due to personal developments within the circle of shareholders. PwC Legal provides support in this regard by advising on corporate law in the area of corporate transformations, reorganisation and restructuring of companies, groups of companies and corporations – on both a national and international level. In addition, our advisory services also include advice on carve-outs and capital measures. Our advice always focuses on the tax and economic implications of corresponding changes for companies – both locally and globally.

This is how PwC Legal supports you

Our lawyers advise you on:

  • Reorganisations and restructuring
  • Carve-outs
  • Financial constitution of the company
  • Insolvency related issues