Financial Services

We help financial services organisations navigate disruption, gain competitive advantage and create sustainable change 

Banks, financial services providers, asset managers and insurers as well as their counterparties and clients operate in a highly regulated market environment while facing constant change driven by new technologies, disruptive business models and volatile capital markets. In view of these challenges, we are the ideal partner at your side, leveraging our multidisciplinary teams of advisers to empower clients in seizing opportunities across global financial markets, be it from designing and launching new products to closing transactions or driving proactive transformation… all while complying with complex legal and regulatory requirements. We help bring clarity to complexity as your community of solvers. 

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Banking, Capital Markets and Financial Regulation

An outstanding interplay of lawyers and tax experts – an unrivalled combination in advising financial market participants

Covering the full spectrum of global financial services. We support financial services firms and non-financial corporates on cutting-edge transactions, with sensitive regulatory and legislative matters as well as high-stakes disputes and litigation. 

This is how PwC Legal supports you

Our multijurisdictional qualified lawyers advise you on:

  • Financial Regulation 
  • Banking and Finance
  • Capital Market Transactions
  • Structured Finance & Securitisation
  • Derivatives and Securities Financing Transactions
  • Prime Brokerage & Prime Custody
  • Reporting
  • Restructuring & Insolvency
  • Sanctions & Financial Crime Due Diligence & Compliance
  • Regulatory Investigations & Financial Services Dispute Resolution

Alternative Finance, FinTech, Crypto Securities/MiCA and Blockchain Regulation

Remaining on the safe side with tax and legal advice on Blockchain, crypto, fintech & co

The growing digitalisation of the financial services industry has led to the emergence of new providers with innovative solutions that utilise the latest technical possibilities to provide financial services themselves, or support established institutions in the provision of financial services. The range of services offered by FinTechs is accordingly broad. As a result, our legal advice is multidisciplinary in nature and delivery.

This is how PwC Legal supports you

Our lawyers, working closely with PwC Legal’s Financial Regulation team, advise on:

  • Structuring, issuing and distribution of Alternative Finance & FinTech products
  • Structuring, issuance and distribution of crypto securities and NFTs
  • Preparation of prospectuses and issuance programmes (EMTN/Debt Issuance Programmes), as well as the preparation of base prospectuses for certificates and warrants
  • Preparation of (and advice on) basic information sheets for packaged investment products and product information sheets
  • Preparation of (and advice on) distribution agreements
  • Structuring of crypto-custody, lending, staking and liquidity pool products
  • Crypto Tracing & Due Diligence
  • MiCA and Blockchain regulations
  • Cyber & Digital Operational Resilience and Regulation
  • Tax advice related to the above

Insurance law

We help clients manage risks, safeguard claims and design processes in a legally secure manner

Insurers and reinsurers must constantly react to changing regulations in supervisory, insurance contract and company law. When seeking advice from PwC Legal, you benefit from professional excellence and speed.  We assist insurers, intermediaries, InsurTechs and reinsurers in redesigning their value chains, distribution models and outsourcing arrangements to support their growth. 

This is how PwC Legal supports you

Our lawyers advise you on:

  • Insurance contract law
  • Insurance supervisory law
  • Finance and insurance concepts (alternative risk transfer)
  • Claims investigation and litigation
  • Reporting & Tax

Investment Law: Asset Management & Funds

We provide support to global and domestic asset managers, from mutual funds to hedge funds and private equity funds

Clients rely on us for assistance throughout the fund lifecycle, from conception and formation to marketing, operations, and transactions. We offer fund management, asset servicing and governance guidance, as well as assistance with a wide range of regulatory and compliance challenges. In addition, our team supports with investigations and disputes involving regulatory and tax authorities all across the world.

This is how PwC Legal supports you

Our lawyers, working closely with PwC Legal’s Financial Regulation team, advise you on:

  • Fund structuring & fund distribution
  • EU fund regulations under AIFMD and UCITS, including as implemented in Germany and assisting with day-to-day legal, operational, administration and company governance and compliance issues relating to investment funds as well as real estate investment trusts
  • Secondary Markets
  • Asset Servicing
  • Formulation of legally compliant sales announcements
  • Alternative, illiquid and non-performing investments and workouts
  • Regulatory and tax reporting
  • Tax and legal issues with regard to domestic and foreign investment assets