Managed legal services

To meet the challenges of the growing number of legal enquiries arising from your company and increasing regulation at home and abroad, legal departments of multinational corporations today need skills that go beyond expert legal advice. These include, amongst others, process and project management, selection and scaling of technological solutions, and data and analytics.

Even in times of normal workload, limited human resources in the legal department mean that optimising core processes and developing the newly required expertise often stand in direct conflict with day-to-day business. If there are specific peaks in demand, your legal department may be unable to process the workload in the desired timeframe.

In the short and medium term, we can handle individual parts of processes on your behalf, such as legal business processes within the overall purchasing process that involve a high volume of work. As part of our Managed Legal Services, we bring together the expertise of PwC Legal and comprehensive technological solutions to design an efficient process, tailored to your company. We can also implement this in our Shared Delivery Centres with the help of our qualified lawyers.

In addition to your regular PwC contact, individualised status reporting is available in real time as part of our professional project management services. We carry out precise budgeting and daily cost tracking to provide you with valuable dependability in planning.

We are also happy to offer you long-term support in analysing your internal processes. We can put together a technology portfolio that fits your legal department and corporate strategy, and which can be seamlessly integrated into your IT framework.