Dr. Melanie Schwaderer, LL.M. (LSE)

Senior Associate Berlin


PwC Legal

Kapelle-Ufer 4

10117 Berlin


Mobile  +49 151 55425362

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  • Lawyer (Rechtsanwältin) since 2019
  • Doctor of Laws (Ph.D.), European University Institute, Florence (2019)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), European University Institute, Florence (2009)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), London School of Economics (2006)


  • Merger control
  • Antitrust defence
  • Contract design in compliance with antitrust law (distribution systems, cooperative projects, JVs and IP licences)
  • Cartel law compliance
  • Abuse of market power
  • Investment control
  • Resale price maintenance in consumer good markets: an economic justification for the prohibition of RPM, European University Institute, EUI PhD theses, Department of Law
  • Eine Frage der Abwägung: Form- oder wirkungsbasierter Ansatz? Zugleich zu US Supreme Court, v. 28.06.2007 – Leegin v. PSKS, Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb 2008, S. 653-661
  • Fall 4: Vertikale Mindestpreisbindungen (Resale Price Maintenance) – Trittbrettfahrerproblematik, in: Säcker/Wolf, Deutsches und europäisches Wettbewerbsrecht case by case, UTB Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft 2008, S. 52-64
  • The German Federal Court of Justice finds that there is no uniform product market for heat energy sources on the retail level and rather defines the market merely for the supply of end consumers with natural gas as the relevant product market (Erdgassondervertrag), 19 April 2008, e-Competitions Bulletin April 2008, Art. N° 19968
  • Conglomerate Merger Analysis – the Legal Context: How the European Courts‘ Standard of Proof put an end to the Ex Ante Assessment of Leveraging, A Critique on the Commission’s Non-Horizontal Merger Guidelines, Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht 2007, S. 482-514
  • The US Supreme Court overrules the nearly 100-year-old per se prohibition of vertical minimum price restraints finding that they are to be judged by the rule of reason (Leegin Creative), 28 June 2007, e-Competitions Bulletin June 2007, Art. N° 22117
  • Anything new after GE/Honeywell? – Standard of proof and Standard of judicial review in EC merger cases after Tetra Laval and GE/Honeywell, in: Boesche/Füller/Wolf (Hrsg.), Variationen im Recht – Festbeigabe für Franz Jürgen Säcker, Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag 2006, S. 151-161