Public transport

How can I secure an unassailable and sustainable transit financing?
How do I effectively ensure and design the ideal licensing system?
How do I reach this goal without waiving tax benefits (consolidated tax filing, de facto VAT exemption)?

Fares would skyrocket if they were to cover the actual costs for buses, trams, trains and subways. From the transit policy perspective this is neither intended nor is it socially or environmentally acceptable. Thus, public transit systems receive millions in public subsidies every year. Whether you are a passenger or not – this seems reasonable to everyone. However, how this financing can be designed sustainably and in accordance with the law and with the tax regulations remains a mystery to most.

These and many other issues need to be addressed on a daily basis by our public transit sector clients. PwC Legal provides solutions for all these issues.

You can also rely on our legal, tax-related and strategic competence. Due to our vast consultancy experience within the public transit sector we are very well familiar with the specific transit market characteristics. We assess your opportunities and risks, and develop tailor-made, sustainable and balanced solutions. Apart from the European framework provisions, the German commercial law (including PBefG/AEG) and the various public transport laws of the Federal states we also take legal social, administrative and budget implications into account.

We always keep an eye on tax aspects when advising clients on the design of their financing structure. Public and private transport companies as well as the public authorities highly appreciate our “one-stop” advisory services as a unique advantage of PwC Legal. In this respect we also ensure that the consolidated tax filing status is being maintained under all circumstances and that the VAT neutrality of our respective clients is being sustained to the largest extent possible.

Whenever transit-related issues in connection with our financing advice need to be addressed we can involve our economic transit experts at PwC.

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Our lawyers

  • regard themselves as contact persons for all public transit market stakeholders.
  • design and elaborate public transit financing regulations, funding guidelines and financial statutes for you.
  • consider tax optimisation potentials when designing financing regulations and coordinate these with the finance management.
  • support you in direct awards to internal operators regarding SME direct awards as well as distress awards.
  • advise you on the adoption of general rules and regulations.
  • provide guidance during competitive tendering procedures (for both awarding contractors and bidders).
  • support you and advise you on the design of fare systems and revenue splitting procedures.
  • advise you on restructurings and the formation of partnerships.
  • assist you in the formation or modification of linked transit systems.
  • advise you regarding public transit specific laws on the compliance with collective wage agreements at Federal state level and on minimum wage legislation.
  • assist you in preparing route authorisation procedures and represent you at the respective authority.
  • advise you on the legal design of your public transit planning.
  • represent you in objection review proceedings and in litigation processes before procurement chambers and administrative courts.

Benefit from our long-standing experience in the public transit sector. We are looking forward to hearing from you.